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Faceless Fancies

Every now and then I like to...

      I  create wooden bell dolls I call Faceless Fancies, so named because they are never given faces and are always ready for a fancy dress party.

Faceless Fancies are created using hemp cord and wooden balls, spindles and a bell. They are then painted and decorated with random odds and ends. My designs range from historically inspired elegance to the the more Geeky side. Dolls inspired from books and fictional characters are my favorite to create. Though I am very proud of a few of my original pieces like the doll pictured above.

A Bit of History...
   I started making Faceless Fancies way back in high school. The idea came from pin cushion dolls I saw on HGTV. Yeah, I was one of the cool kids who watched HGTV in my free time. I slacked off on creating new ones for one reason or another while in college, but then picked the hobby back up not too long ago.
   In August 2011, I participated in a creative contested hosted by author Beth Revis (Across the Universe), for which I created an Amy and Elder doll couple; you can see all about the creation process HERE. That contest rekindled my hobby and I have made several dolls since.

Amy & Elder

Interested in having your own Faceless Fancy?
   You can find more information about what dolls are currently available for sale or request your own custom made doll at my Etsy Shop.

 You can also jump on over to the Faceless Fancy Facebook page where I post updates on current works in progress and ideas for upcoming dolls.

Or shoot me an email at Jennycam0314(at)att(dot)net and we can discuss design ideas and pricing. Please include Faceless Fancy somewhere in the subject line or the email may go out with the trash.

* Please note that each doll is unique since they are hand decorated. Exact replicas are impossible, but if you see a previous doll I've made that you like I can try my best to duplicate it as close as possible or add your own personal touch. 
** I will not be duplicating the above Amy & Elder doll couple. They are a Beth Revis exclusive.

Here is some of my more recent work...

Have an idea for a future Fancy? Let me know. I love hearing about what people are interested in.

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  1. I just love Wendy & Peter! (what did you use for his body?). They're all awesome though. And original.
    A suggestion...mmh...Anna Dressed in Blood?