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Policies and Contact

Review & Request Policies . . .

    We are happy accept review requests from Publishers and Authors including Indie/ self pubbed. However, emails including an attached PDF of the book without prior acceptance and generalized mass sent emails will be automatically deleted. Not to be mean, but you are coming to us, please take the time to personalize at least a little.
    Please keep in mind that we review books purely as a hobby and we do have rather busy lives. We always try to review books in a timely manner, but sometimes things happen. I'm sure you can understand. If you require a review by a specific date let us know and please allow ample time to do so.
     We reserve the right to decline reviews and we do not promise a positive review. Reviews are our honest opinions and feelings on a book and unfortunately there are some books we end up not enjoying like we thought we would.
     This would be a good time to point out in accordance with the FTC guidelines that while we receive free books for review we DO NOT receive monetary compensation for our reviews. Our reviews are our own personal opinions and are in no way swayed.

What we read and format. . .
       We are currently accepting Paper and E-copy formats, sometimes PDFs. We are not reviewing audiobooks at this time.
        We read mainly YA and on occasion MG fiction.
       Jenny enjoys anything from science fiction to horror to contemporary chick lit. Paranormal/supernatural and mystery are usually her automatic go to. She occasionally dabbles in NA with the right story, however if its borderline erotica she will shut the ).

       Nick enjoys mainly science fiction and fictional history; books that time travel and explore alternate histories are his gateway drug, but he finds them less enjoyable if the focus is on romance. Like most boys, the less kissing the better.

      We DO NOT accept requests for Nonfiction, Adult Romance (and connected genres), Erotica, Biographies/memoirs, self-help, religious titles, poetry, high fantasy and the like. Pretty much if it does not fit into the categories listed above we will not consider it. We do stray for a good story, but it has to be something that really catches our attention. Please refer to our already rated and reviewed books listed on our review page and on GoodReads.

How to contact us . . . 

Are you an Author or Publisher interested in having a book reviewed?
A fellow reader with a book recommendation?
A fellow blogger interested in having us participate in an event?
Please send an email to Jennycam0314 (at) att (dot) net. We'd love to hear from you!

Where you can find us:
GoodReads:  Jenny's Page Nick's Page 
Facebook: A Bookish Co-Op
Riffle: Jenny Riffles
Twitter: Jenny & Nick


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    1. I'm sorry, following by email didn't even occur to us. We have added the option to the side bar. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Much appreciated. =D

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