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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jenny Gets Creative with Posses

I've been working on a new Faceless Fancy! I'm pretty excited about her and thought it might be fun to take you all through the creation process so you can see how I turn this...

into something like this...

   So my new design came to me while I was plotting planning Army of Ten entry stuffs. (B-T-Dub if you have not joined the Army of Ten wtfkghjergh are you waiting for?!?! Do Eeet! Do Eeet Naoh! Well, ok not right now, maybe finish this post first?)
   Anyways, I grabbed my beloved copy of Possess by Gretchen McNeil off the bookshelf and like always started admiring the gorgeous cover when it hit me, that cover would make a stunning doll. I immediately started sketching out ideas and going through my craft drawers for parts and paint. 

I can't believe I'm showing you this, but... here is the plan so far. Excuse the horrible drawings, my brother inherited the artist gene, I can just glue stuff together lol. 

    Ok, let me explain that mess up there. The idea is for the dress to be a dark metallic-like blue from the bust to about 2/3 down the bell. The bottom portion will be that really light blue of the face on the cover. Normally I don't add straps to the dresses because they end up looking tacky since I'm limited in the materials I can use, but I'm making an exception and adding one strap. This one strap will be awesome! It starts the main branch coming down the front of the dress. Yes, I said branch. If you look at the cover of Possess there are awesome looking branches across the face on the book. On the book they're blue-ish, but I'm taking creative action and changing the color to a VERY dark brown (shiny black + bronze = smexy metallic chocolate). So there will branches reaching out and tangling  all over the dress and it will do the same on the back, then tangle some more on the sides. If I can paint it right, it will be EPIC! If I can't it will just be a little less than epic.
     Around the wast there will be a white ribbon that will tie in a bow at the back. I have a slight obsession with bows like that, (see practically every doll I ever And then on one wrist will be a beaded bracelet either white or blue, I haven't decided.
     I'm still working on hair ideas. Right now I'm leaning towards dark hair in a really messy up-do, but down sounds nice too. I also have no idea how to pose her. that i need to have figured out by the time the painting is completed. For some reason I'm thinking dramatic like holding the back of her hand to her forehead, but I think she should have a strong pose too. I don't know yet! Argh! Moving on ...

   After the planning process I glue the bust, waist and bell together and put on a nice coat of white paint to act as a primer. Then I grab a mini doll and practice while the white paint dries.

   Once the white is dry and I've gathered enough courage I start slathering paint until I'm happy with the results, which is what I'm still working on. I'm tweaking colors and smoothing out lines, but I love how she's turning out so far.

 Mo had to sneak into the shot, that chubby little monster.

Here she is with the book. 
The photo doesn't do the book cover nor the doll justice, but you get the idea. 

Mermaid Prom Dresses Collections 2012 Fashion Dresses

   The way its painted reminds me of those mermaid style dresses. 
Like this one  --->
 Tight down to the knee then flares out. Does it look that way to you too or is it just me? It's just me isn't it ...

So there she is, what do you think so far? Any suggestions? I'm hoping to get more work done by the end of the week so stay tuned. And go join Gretchen McNeil's Army of Ten!! You know you want to. =)

The Army of TEN


  1. That's the coolest! Can't wait to see the end result.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It looks really pretty so far love the colors! Not a suggestion so much as a ever incorporate actual cloth on to them? There is this sculpture I really love that uses tulle on the skirt and ribbon in the hair. I like the tulle at the bottom in the photograph of the dress above! :)

    1. I use all kinds of stuff actually throughout the dolls, but the dress usually ends up being mostly paint. I use sewing floss for hair and ribbon for several things. For my Peter Pan and Wendy dolls Pan's hat is felt cloth and the feather is an actual feather tip that I trimmed and painted. Anything is fair game if I can manipulate it the way I want. Lol.

    2. Do you have more pictures? I would love to see them! :) Especially Peter Pan and Wendy because you know I enjoy those characters! :)
      BTW I get you on the straight lines..especially on a 3-d object are hard!

    3. At the bottom of the faceless fancy page there's a reel of pics but only one of peter and wendy. I have to go searching through my files to see where the rest are. Im really proud of peter and wendy, I think they're my best yet. =)
      Maybe I'll expand the fancy page to showcase my work a little more. =)
      Ugh. Straight lines... I spent all yesterday before work tweaking the line until I just said screw it an moved on.