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Friday, September 28, 2012

Posses Doll Part II (picture heavy)

Here is Part II to the creation of the Possess Faceless Fancy inspired by Gretchen McNeil's book Possess. If this is your first look at the doll be sure to check out Part I first so you can see how it's all started.

So, Part I left off with painting the basic design of the dress and still working on getting the colors juuuust right. Once I was satisfied with the basics of the dress I moved on to the branches.

   The branches... Oh, the branches. I was so afraid to start these for fear of ruining the dress, but they actually turned out pretty good. I'm still a little worried they may look more like roots than branches, but I've come to accept that.
   The branches all stem from the strap over the shoulder which is just a small piece of ribbon painted to match and then glued into place. They stretch from the ribbon all the down and peek into the light blue of the skirt. You can kind of see it started in the picture to the right.
   Also, speaking of the bottom light blue portion, you see those slightly curved indents? Those were a completely spur of the moment idea while painting. They're created by using a toothpick while the paint is still slightly wet. I think they add a nice texture and flow to it.

   While I assumed the branches would be the hardest part to do, it was actually the hair. The hair took the longest amount of time and that's not even including the time it spent scouring the internet for ideas. I attempted several styles before I finally settled on this messy up do...

 that I found on a beauty blog.
 There's even a video tutorial! which can be found HERE.

The hair is actually just styled embroidery floss, nothing too fancy. 
Packaged doll hair is too heavy.

   So, I started by cutting the floss into lengths and then gluing them onto the head, starting on one side and working around to the other and layering up. I also added a slightly lighter shade of brown under the top layer to give it a more natural color. It is then brushed out so I can work with each individual thread.
   The style I picked calls for curled hair, normally I curl the hair before I glue it onto the doll, it's easier that way, but since it was already attached, well this is what happened ...

Toothpicks and hair gel! I'm thinking it could be a new style, right? Right? No? Ok...

   After curling the hair it was twisted and pinned into place like it shows in the video except I used sewing pins and Elmer's glue instead of bobby pins. I know you're all just lining up for me to style your hair!

 Once the hair was finished it was time for putting her in her pose and adding the finishing touches.

  In order to put her in a pose I had to run wire through her arms. You'll notice in the picture on the left she no longer has the strap. I had to remove it because the wire didn't want to thread through the arms easily. Stupid wire. Once the arms were positioned how I wanted them the wire was snipped, bent and wrapped in hemp cord to look like fists.
   I don't have a picture of the process, but the finished doll is actually holding a cross necklace, sort of like a rosary I suppose. It's sewing thread, beads, and a cross from a bracelet that fell apart years ago, (I'm a pack-rat, but it comes in handy in the craft department). I draped the necklace over her hands so it looks like she's clutching it to her chest.
  And every doll gets a bow around their waste. I decided hers should be a striking white to match the title on the cover of the book. It's the same ribbon used for the shoulder strap, this time painted white. I really suck at tying bows, so it's actually assembled out of three separate pieces, hence the sewing pins.

 And here is the finished product! Beautiful, no?


What do you think?
Also I have a bell or two left, what character(s),
 book or random idea do you think should be next?


  1. WOW!! I've been following your progress and this turned out amazing! I love the hair and the branches and the little hands holding the rosary. Simply have a lot of talent and patience!

    As for another idea...have you read the House of Comarre series by Kristen Painter yet? Here's a link to one of the book covers:
    I think the gold filigree body tattoos against white skin and the splash of red with the samurai sword would be incredible to reproduce. Just a thought!

    Whatever you decide to create next, I hope you post your progress again. I'd love to see another take shape. :)

    Wendy @ Escape Into Fiction

    1. Aw Thanks so much! =)

      I have not read the House of Comarre series, but I LOVE the covers. They're so eye catching. I think you may be onto something though, it would make a stunning doll if I could pull it off. Hmm, if it's not next it's definitely one to attempt later.

      I've had a few people interested in seeing the process so I think I will show the progress of future dolls. I love getting feedback on them. I haven't really seen anything else like them so I'm always curious to know what people think of them.

    2. Sweet! Whichever design you decide to go with next, I look forward to watching the progress. Good luck with coming up with the next idea...there are so many great books and book covers to choose from!

  2. I am so deeply impressed with how you did the hair! Gorgeous! :)
    I wish you would do one for "Daughter of Smoke and Bone' though I am not sure if you have read that one..she has blue hair :)

    1. I haven't read it yet, but I own it! I kick myself every time I see for not reading it yet, but other shinies keep distracting me.
      Hmm, I haven't done one with blue hair yet. I've been debating on making an Emily doll from The Corpse Bride.
      I will have to look into The Daughter of Smoke and Bone though. =)

    2. Would love to see Emily from The Corpse Bride..or Jack and Sally from Nightmare because I totally fangirl them :)

    3. Oh Magnesium! Jack and Sally would be awesome!! I need to buy more bells ...

  3. OMG that looks so great!!! Really awesome how you made them! I agree with Alisa, you should definitely do Jack and Sally!

  4. Whoaa that looks so cool! It looks like a lot of fun hard work!